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SUBJECT Where is my order ?
WRITER mgnji0918 (ip:)
  • DATE 2019-05-31
  • VIEW 954
  • RATE 5점
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Dear customer service,

Would you be able to assist as the order I placed on your website has not yet been delivered despite order being confirmed and payment going through?

I have placed the order on the 19th of May and received the order confirmation on the same day.
The payment went through on the 22nd of May.
Based on the tracking the parcel was shipped from Korea on the 20th of May however since the 23rd of May the tracking indicates that the parcel is planned to be shipped back to the shipper.
Could you please look into this issue and advise when will the order be delivered?

Thank you
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  • FNC STORE 2019-05-31 0점
    스팸글 Hi, This is FNC STORE.

    It has been sent to the packing number below.
    EMS: ES172836113KR
    Sometimes it is returned if the address is written incorrectly.
    For more information, please contact EMS service in your area.

    Thank you :)
  • mgnji0918 2019-06-12 0점
    스팸글 Dear customer service,

    It has now been more than 24 days since I placed my order and I still did not receive the goods.

    The tracking now clearly shows that the package has been sent back to the shipper and arrived back at your address on the 4th of June at 18h00 signed by kim*kyu.

    Moving forward I expect this package to be sent to me as soon as possible to the correct address (in France) I have provided when I placed this order.
    If shipping to France is not possible I would like the full refund of this order in the 2 next working day.

    I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.
    Thank you.

    Kind regards.
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